Restricted Area Treks

Restricted area Treks are special area treks in Nepal technically managed and preserved by the government of Nepal. The rules and regulations are very strict to enter these restricted areas in Nepal. Only certain number of trekkers is permitted to make their holiday treks in this restricted area in Nepal. Beforehand, the trekkers who are planning to undertake their holiday trips to restricted areas are to fulfill certain requirements include:

 Obtain Special Area or Restricted Area Permit

Every trekker who is planning to make trekking to restricted areas must obtain Special Area or Restricted Area Permit before boarding to the trailhead. This special area trekking permit or restricted area permit can be obtained from Nepal Tourism Board or optionally, you can ask the local trekking or tour company to buy it for you. You have to pay some extra charge on daily basis for Special area trekking permit.

Accompany with guide

Without a company of professional authorized guide, no trekker is allowed to enter into restricted areas of Nepal. It means, independent trekkers alone can’t make their restricted area trekking in Nepal.

Moreover, the environment and the entire ecology are highly maintained in restricted areas. Making videos by drone cameras are not easily allowed or not allowed. So, trekking in restricted areas are highly sensitive than trekking in other areas.

However, trekking in restricted areas in Nepal offers us distinct experiences that trekking in other regions. Most importantly, trekkers are going to experience core wilderness, unspoiled nature, age-old culture and civilization which are life changing experiences for the trekkers.

Restricted area treks in Nepal are: Manaslu Trek, Kanchenjungha Trek, Makalu Trek, Upper Dolpo Trek and Uppper Mustang Trek. SO, if you are planning a resstricted area trekking in Nepal,  please consult with a travel expert in Nepal and go for it.