Responsible Tourism

eNepaltour is one of the role models to enhance Responsible Trek and Travel in Nepal. It always aims at catering world class service without depressing the clients. While catering best class service, we committedly responsible to the interest and preference of the guests from the globe and at the same time, we do not negate our staffs suggestion and guidelines. We treat our guest, staff and the environment equally. We are responsible to this triangular balance among guest, staff and the nature or environment. Similarly, we equally emphasize on promotion of humanity through social service.

We believe that not only the organizer are responsible for responsible tourism but also the tourists are equally plying the role to conserve culture and nature  of the locality where they go to visit. So, our effort is to bring the balance between the organizer and the clients. If we put our collective effort to protect environment and cultural heritages and also pay some attention on social work, finally, the society will be beautiful.  

Every member of this company is ethically correct and responsible to serve the guest round the clock. The following features of eNepaltour proves our responsible tourism and travel in Nepal.

1.Prompt and Reliable Service to the Clients

The first and the foremost motto of eNepaltour is to cater the best class service to the client in a reliable way. So that we have 98% repated clients evry year. There is no compromise in delivering reliable and first class service to the clients. We really do not want to see unhappy faces of the clients who come to visit Nepal.

2.Our Environmental Responsibility

We are fully committed to conserve environment. We do not disturb flora and faunas during our trek and suggest our clients not to do show. Rather, we have a slogan The More Your go far from Nature, the more you suffer from diseases”. In this way, have eco-consciousness in every staff from Guide to Porter and other official staffs.

The leader and the guide from eNepaltour collects the garbage from the mountain and dispose in the respective places and also encourages the guest to do so. We want our environment human friendly, cool and clean.

We do not allow any guest to throw or leave rubbish and Plastic in the mountain. We also suggest them to replace plastic bags and bottles with something other.

We suggest the trekkers to ‘leave only their footsteps, not other things’ in the mountains.

3.Our Cultural Responsibility

We do not interfere local culture and age- long civilization. What we consider is that if we do disturb local culture and civilization, their identity will be lost. So, we rather promote local culture. We suggest our valued guests to do so. Cultural and traditional artifacts are the meanings of life of the people in particular region. But we do love to exchange culture and encourage our guest too during out trek in the mountain and during the tour in the cities.

We do not dirty the cultural heritage sites wither in the city or in far countryside. Both are equally important.

4.Our Social Responsibility

eNepaltour carry out several social works by allocating certain amount of profit and through volunteering. We primarily focus on health, education, sanitation, plantation and nutrition of remote areas of Gorkha and  Dhading district. We help needy children with stationeries. We carried out our campaign during April -2015 Earthquake. At that critical moment, we helped the victims with tents and food stuffs.

That is not only the social work we have gone through. We have been continuously assisting school children of the remote village every year.

Our further planning is to provide nutrition to the poor and helpless families of remote countryside in Nepal. According to our plan, we will provide meat, eggs and seasonal fruits twice a month.


5.Our Responsibility to Our Staff

 We pay our staffs fairly and promptly. We do not exploit any guide and porter. But some of the trekking and tour companies pay very less to their guide and porter. We consider that we have this height and goodwill because of our staff and team.

Similarly, we have a special fund to assist our staff in case of critical situation. It is very similar to insurance. We train our staff and make them skillful and competent in every sector. Training of particular culture, trekking site, information about flora and faunas, people of different nations and their language are some of the trainings given to the staffs.

6.We Promote Local Products

We encourage our guides and porter to use local products like local foodstuffs and other equipments during the trek. On the one hand, using local products offer us new flavor and on the other hand, their livelihood will be uplifted through income. So, using local produced things are beneficial in two ways.