Trekking Seasons in Nepal ( Best Time of the Year)

Trekking in Nepal can be carried out all round the year. However, it depends on the trekking regions in Nepal. The major trekking regions are above 5000m and they really get freezing cold during winter and some of the trekking regions in Nepal are very remote and restricted area trekking and it is very difficult to get access of transportation getting to the trailhead.

Seasonally, a year in Nepal can be divided into 4 different seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Trekking in Nepal in these 4 different seasons will completely be different experience. The variations in cultural practices, natural highlights, climate a temperature according to the regions lure people to make Nepal as one of the best choices for trekking and tour. Most importantly, even the same geography and place appears in different appearances which makes the trip astonishing and memorable.

Autumn ( Sept-Nov)

Trekking in Nepal Best Time of the year is autumn. The autumn in Nepal is very delightful. Majority of the people find autumn as their favorite season of the year. For Trekking in Nepal, enhancing great visibility, mild temperature, perfect atmosphere and inviting festive mood( Dashain and Tihar), Autumn creates an ample time of the year and what is loved by the tourists in Nepal. eNepaltour Pvt. Ltd organizes various exciting and adventurous tours and treks in Nepal offering you to witness and experience dazzling mountain views and phenomenon cultural performances.


Major Highlights of Trekking in Nepal in Autumn:

Blissful atmosphere

Mild temperature

Phenomenon visibility

People with festive mood ( Dashain and Tihar)

Infatuating mountain summits, sunrise and sunset


  Winter (Dec- Feb)

Trekking in Nepal in winter is a bit difficult due to occasional snowfall and freezing cold at higher elevation. However, those who ignore cold and love to experience snowfall find Trekking in Nepal in winter is completely rewarding.

Trekking in Nepal in winter below 3000m is an ideal idea. The temperature does not really goes down as it is said. But at night, it is very cold. It is normally sunny and warm during the daytime even in the mountain below 3000m.

Relatively, less number of tourists visits Nepal and goes to the mountain. So, winter is not supposed to good to travel in Nepal. Nevertheless, the mountain peaks with some layer of snow will equally be astonishing to see.

eNepaltour Pvt. Ltd comes up with specially designed tour and trekking packages for Winter  to suit your interest and budget.

Major Lowlights of Trekking in Nepal in winter:

Occasional snowfall

Relatively, poor visibility

Freezing cold at higher elevation

Even Transportation Difficulty due to snowfall


Spring ( March-May)

Trekking in Nepal, one of the best seasons is Spring. Actually, Spring brings newness in atmosphere. New flavor is offered to the tourists. The valleys are mesmerizing. The fields are beautifully cultivated. The terraced farmlands look amazing during spring. Chirping birds, various species of flowering and non-flowering vegetations, the deep greenery etc are exciting. The temperature is moderate and we celebrate magnificent mountain views. Most significantly, we have flowering rhododendron in different colors blanketing the entire hills is fabulous during spring.  So, eNepaltour Pvt. Ltd. designs various tour and treks specially focusing for Trekking in Nepal in Spring.

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal in spring

Lush Greenery

 Cultivated Terraced Farmlands

Mild Temperature

Delightful Atomosphere

Fabulous mountain views

Mesmerizing flowering Rhododendron

Summer (June-Aug)

This is rainy season in Nepal. So, it is relatively inconvenient to travel from one to another place. However, this is the best season to trek to rain shaded area like Dolpo and Upper Mustang region. Mt. Kailash trekking via Dolpo is also popular trekking during summer. Actually, in some part of the country, we have heavy rain fall and even sometimes the transportation is interrupted due to flood and landslides.

Botanists find this season truly rewarding for their research on forest. So, we eNepaltour offers various trekking and tour packages to suit the temperature and climate of summer. The landscapes, settlements and the mountains are equally magnificent during summer.

Highlights of Trekking in Nepal in summer

Best for forest researchers and explorers

Mt. Kailsah, Dolpo and Upper Mustang trekking are exhilarating during summer


Lowlights of Trekking in Nepal in Summer

Muddy road

Cloudy weather

Hot Temperature

Transportation disturbance due to flood and landslides


Average temperatures and rainfall during peak summer and winter in three most popular tourist areas:


  Summer (May, June, July)

  Winter (Dec, Jan, Feb)

  Max (°C)   

  Min (°C)   

  Rain (mm)   

  Max (°C)   

  Min (°C)   

  Rain (mm)   






















 Note: Average temperatures drop 6°C for every 1,000 m you gain in altitude.