Tipping is a sum of money given to someone for service used. Service givers expect some tips from the service users. Even some service providers are found completely based their duty or work on Tipping charging less for the service they promise.

Tipping in Tourism is very popular. In every hotel and restaurant, we can see gratuity box for donation as tips. It is volunteer but some of the people think it as obligatory. If it is considered as obligatory, it bothers one.

If we are happy with the service provided it is good to offer some tips and but not obligatory. In case of Nepal tourism sector, it means at hotels and restaurants, teahouses and lodges in the mountain and the porters and guide with you in the mountain and city, the drivers and other people who involve in delivering service to you are expecting some tips from you.

Tipping must be reasonable. It seems as if it is very easy task, but in fact tipping is difficult. Tipping should be done in win- win position. Why you give tips? For what kind of service? what was an extra about the service? You have to determine all these things before giving tips.

Tipping in Nepal

Tipping is expected in Nepal for the serviced purchased. Mainly, people who work for the tourists want some tips from foreigners. Even if we go to the restaurant, hotel and teahouses, people expect tips from you. Specially, guide, porters, drivers, waiters at restaurants, may be the cook, all these people will be expecting tips from you.

Tipping seems almost obligatory at the end of tour or trekking or any kind of activity you involve in. The team is very excited at the final section of trip since they consider that they are going to be rewarded with tips. It seems it is a trouble for some people but it offering a logical tip to the team is not bad at all.

When to tip our Team?

Generally, we give tips at the end of the trip, whatever it is trekking or tour or other adventure activities. The team leader or you yourself can organize a gathering, may be at dinner or somewhere else and handover the tips.

How to Tip our Team?

There are different ways of Tipping. Some people tip individually and some do collectively. Center collection from each individual and sharing it to the porters and guides is one of the best ways of giving tips. Or we can give the tips individually. Envelope is used while giving tips normally rather than giving bare money.

How much to tip?

There is no rule how much money should we give as tips. But, normally, what we suggest is: separate USD 10 each day for your guide and porter as tips. That will be very reasonable tips. But, you can give much more than that. This is not the ultimate boundary for tipping your guide and porter.

Alternatives Tiping

Money is not only considered as Tips. Some souvenirs, cloth, shoes, boots or any kind wearing and usable things are also considered as tips. You sometimes can go with these things too as tipping. However, money is the best form of Tipping in this material world.